The summer school will be held in the Buys Ballot Gebouw (Buys Ballot Building) on the Utrecht Science Park, De Uithof. The lectures will be in room 205; the lab sessions will be in rooms 106 and 109.

Getting here

When traveling by public transportation from Utrecht Central Station to the Uithof, you can take either bus 12 to bus stop Padualaan or bus 28/128 to bus stop Botanische Tuinen. At both stops, you should be able to see the following buildings just beyond the bus stop. The low red building, the Minnaertgebouw is currently being renovated. The Buys Ballot Gebouw is just behind the Minnaertgebouw, with the large Universiteit Utrecht logo on the roof. To get to the Buys Ballot building, you'll need to walk around the Minnaertgebouw to get to the entrance on the other side. Upon entering the building, take the elevator to the 5th floor. The coffee room where you can register is immediately adjacent to the elevators.

Public transport

Although you can pay for your bus tickets on the bus, it might be a good idea to purchase an OV chipkaart which lets you pay by swiping your card. Fares are typically a bit cheaper when paid with a chipkaart as opposed to cash on the bus. You can find more information about the OV chipkaart online.